Hello Everyone!

My Swagbucks Tips blog is mostly a blog about Swagbucks and what I encounter there.

Obviously, I am attempting to earn points at Swagbucks in order to redeem them for prizes and/or Paypal money.

I would never try to deceive you into joining.

I firmly stand behind Swagbucks, I believe they have been very honorable in rewarding me and they show respect in terms of how they treat their members.

Also, at times, I will speak of deals I can get or have received and would love for you to join in.  I get excited when I find a deal.

I will advertise and write of these deals in posts, pages and on my sidebars.

At times I do receive compensation for what I advertise and write about.

I hope you enjoy your time here.  Leave a comment or feel free to always contact me at

Allierambles at gmail.com


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