Friday, June 24, 2011

Swagbucks Saved Me OVER 50% at

I was tooling around Swagbucks the other day and thought I would click on the Special Offers.  I rarely shop online and when I do I forget to use Swagbucks (dumb me, they have great partners like Target and Kohls). Anyway, I wanted to know what Special Offers existed, I run a blog about Swagbucks, I better know what it is all about, right?

Well, I found a great offer!  Pay $20 for a $50 gift card to!

My family and I eat out about once a week so I thought this is would be a great way to save.  That is more than 1/2 off!

I first checked to be sure local restaurants were on and a couple we like were.

So I went for it.

We now have $50 at a great local hangout to enjoy hamburgers and beer (er, soda).  All for only $20!

So I not only earn at Swagbucks, I SAVE at Swagbucks too!

Have you joined yet?  It's free.  Give it a try.

OH! Did I mention I got 500 Swagbucks for buying this offer?!!!  I SAVED and EARNED!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Did You Do Your Daily Poll Yet?

Everyday that I visit Swagbucks I take the Daily Poll.  You only get 1 SB BUT that is 365 a year or about 1/2 the amount to get a $5 gift card for Paypal.(I know, not much, but that is not the only thing you are doing to earn, right? It all adds up!)

The Daily Poll usually only takes a few seconds and is fun!  Today Swagbucks asked "Which family movie are you looking forward to seeing the most this summer" Cars 2 of course!

So if you have 3 seconds to spare, head over to the Daily Poll for easy Swag!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

SwagBucks Super Easy Survey Profiles Equal Super Easy Points!

I was just exploring SwagBucks a little more and I thought I would take a survey.  I tried a couple and really didn't qualify; at least they told me right away.

While I was in the Survey section I clicked Profiles.  Wow! More surveys BUT these are just to get to know you better so SwagBucks can offer you better, more appropriate, surveys in the future.

These Profile Surveys only take 5-20 minutes and are super easy.  

I took the Automotive one and answered questions like what kind of car and what color it is!  I completed my survey while watching TV and got 5 SB for it.

Talk about easy! No brainer!

Also, don't forget you get 1 SB every day simply by checking in on your surveys. 

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