Friday, June 24, 2011

Swagbucks Saved Me OVER 50% at

I was tooling around Swagbucks the other day and thought I would click on the Special Offers.  I rarely shop online and when I do I forget to use Swagbucks (dumb me, they have great partners like Target and Kohls). Anyway, I wanted to know what Special Offers existed, I run a blog about Swagbucks, I better know what it is all about, right?

Well, I found a great offer!  Pay $20 for a $50 gift card to!

My family and I eat out about once a week so I thought this is would be a great way to save.  That is more than 1/2 off!

I first checked to be sure local restaurants were on and a couple we like were.

So I went for it.

We now have $50 at a great local hangout to enjoy hamburgers and beer (er, soda).  All for only $20!

So I not only earn at Swagbucks, I SAVE at Swagbucks too!

Have you joined yet?  It's free.  Give it a try.

OH! Did I mention I got 500 Swagbucks for buying this offer?!!!  I SAVED and EARNED!

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