Earn Swagbucks Fast

Need to Earn Swagbucks Fast?  Do this:

  • 1 SB: Do Daily Poll.
  • 1 SB: Click to do Surveys. You don't need to do a survey, just click it.
  • 3 SB: Watch SB TV. Watch 10 videos for 3 Swagbucks. (One of my favorite ways to earn!)
  • 3-50 SB: Search.  You could win 3-50 SB on any given day.
  • 5+ SB Find Codes and enter them near your account summary and click "gimme".  They are everywhere on Swagbucks.  Use my Swidget, click "Swag Codes" to see if any are active now.  The SB Blog has great ways too!
  • 10 SB: Coupons.  Cut and use coupons from the Swagbucks.  They are worth 10 SB each after redeeming them at the grocery store.  You save twice!
  • 5-10 SB: Survey Profiles. Complete the Survey Profile w/in the Survey section.
  • 25-200+ SB: Take Surveys.
  • Up to 10,000 SB:  Mega Swag Bucks Friday Search.  Earn up to 10,000 SB in one shot. 
  • Swidget. Use the Swidget on my home page for searching, code clues and more!
  • Install the Toolbar onto your browser for faster searches and SB notices.
  • Tell your friends.  You earn what they do up to 1000 SB!  Here's mine: AllieRambles on SB.
  •  Shop with Groupon and Eversave. Grab some Daily Deals
  • NOSO: Complete these "No Obligation Special Offers" to get easy SB! 
All this talk of points means nothing unless you know what you can get with your Swagbucks points.   Click here to see.
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