Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swagbucks Searching: Win Swagbucks while Searching Online

Swagbucks Search is one of the easiest ways to earn your Swagbucks. 
On average I earn 3-20 points every time I search.  And I search throughout the day.
  1. Make Swagbucks Search your homepage or install it into your Firefox search options.  
  2. Search for everything using the Swagbucks Search.  Amazon. Your own blog.  Your favorite site.  Dog sitting. Recipes.  You get the idea. Whatever you are doing that moment online, search for it with Swagbucks Search.  Don't just type into the browser the popular sites, search for them.
  3. Be sure to change your search topics every time.  You will get penalized for searching the same thing all the time. Look natural.
  4. You can earn multiple times a day.  So search in the morning, the afternoon and evening, earning 30-40 Swagbucks total for the day.  Be sure to spread out your searches throughout the day.
  5. Search on Fridays, those are Mega Swagbucks Day, where you can win 30-1000 Swagbucks in one search!  I won 50!
Happy winning!

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Swagbucks Trusted Surveys

I just completed my first Swagbucks survey

Did I mention I hate doing surveys?  They are so boring.

But I know the ones here get you Swagbucks and they aren't that bad.  

First, SB tells you how long the survey should take.

Second, you get to know your odds of qualifying directly from you Swagbucks Survey Dashboard.

Third, you know exactly how many SB you get when you finish the survey.

Before you start taking surveys, you will need to register to take the surveys.  This is to weed out the surveys that are not pertinent to you.  The registration takes maybe 2 minutes and simply acts you a little about your background and your interests.  It's simple and non-intrusive.

Surveys seem to average around 50-75 SB, at least mine do.  Seems like a good trade for your time.

Happy Earning!

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Swagbucks Memorial Day Collectors Bills

As I learn more about Swagbucks I find I am enjoying the site more and more.  It is fun!

As you know I like to do Swagbucks Searches to earn quick easy bucks.  Just yesterday Swagbucks releases their Memorial Day Collector’s Bills.  As you search with SB you can earn these Bills to add to a collection and when you earn all of them before Friday, May 27th you earn an extra 20 Bucks!

I am now on a mission!  I have already found one, the Washington Bill for 7 Bucks.  You'll bet I'll be looking/searching for more.

Where do you keep the Collector's Bills?  In your SB Account near the summary and ledger.

Happy Swagbucks Searching!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Swagbucks: Taking Polls

I have been a Swagbucks member now for about 2 weeks.  I love using the search capabilities to make easy points quickly.  (I am that much closer to my $20 Target Gift Card).

Another great way to earn quickly is simply taking the Daily Poll.  Sure, it only gives you 1 point BUT over a month that is 30 points for simply clicking a check mark and the voting.  Just a few days ago I voted in my favorite flavor of M&M, plain of course.  It was so easy!

You are on the Swagbucks site anyway so might as well head on over to take a quick  (30 seconds) poll and earn yourself some easy points.

Join Swagbucks with me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What? It's that EASY? Search Online to Earn More!

I didn't join SwagBucks that long ago. But the very first thing I noticed was the ease of earning while Swagbucks searching.

If you use the search feature that SwagBucks has you WILL be rewarded with SB by the 3rd search, I do.  Sometimes it is just a couple of SB yet today it was 27.  Not bad.  It is random amounts but it's fun seeing what you will get! 

And it's not some funky search engine that gives you strange results, I have done the same exact search on Google and get the same results.

You can go to SwagBucks and do your searching.  Or if you use Firefox as your browser it can easily be placed as one of your default search engines. And you can search right from the toolbar you download to your browser.

It is so easy and fast!

What are you waiting for?  Join now! :-)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome to My SwagBucks Tips

I'm Allie and I am a WAHM.  Specifically, I work on the Internet teaching people how to blog and earn money online at Ramblings of a WAHM blog.

I consider learning and earning online income a journey.  And my latest quest is at Swagbucks.

To be honest with you I was a bit skeptical with Swagbucks in the beginning.  Many of my friends were tweeting about it or sending links in their emails as a signature.   I would pretty much ignore it.  But as time went on I noticed more and more people were joining Swagbucks.  I decided to check it out.

Now, I have been part of the "earning online to get points" bandwagon before.  And I NEVER gained enough points to redeem.  Do you know why? 

  1. I never put the time in to try.
  2. Their sites just didn't have quick and easy interface.
  3. And, frankly, I forgot to visit.
Swagbucks is different, I noticed this from the beginning

They have a very simple interface and their site is laid out so simple.  No searching for ways to earn, they are there for you on the site.  And they have a toolbar that you can simply place with your browser to remind you.

They also have SO MANY ways to earn on Swagbucks.  Like surveys? They have them.  Do you watch news, home, fashion or cooking videos?  You can earn by just watching.  Take the daily poll.  Search with their search engine (I have earned many points doing this.)

I can't list all the all simple ways to earn at Swagbucks in just one post.  You'll just have to go see yourself.

Do you use SwagBucks?
How have you earned?