Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swagbucks Memorial Day Collectors Bills

As I learn more about Swagbucks I find I am enjoying the site more and more.  It is fun!

As you know I like to do Swagbucks Searches to earn quick easy bucks.  Just yesterday Swagbucks releases their Memorial Day Collector’s Bills.  As you search with SB you can earn these Bills to add to a collection and when you earn all of them before Friday, May 27th you earn an extra 20 Bucks!

I am now on a mission!  I have already found one, the Washington Bill for 7 Bucks.  You'll bet I'll be looking/searching for more.

Where do you keep the Collector's Bills?  In your SB Account near the summary and ledger.

Happy Swagbucks Searching!

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