Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swagbucks Trusted Surveys

I just completed my first Swagbucks survey

Did I mention I hate doing surveys?  They are so boring.

But I know the ones here get you Swagbucks and they aren't that bad.  

First, SB tells you how long the survey should take.

Second, you get to know your odds of qualifying directly from you Swagbucks Survey Dashboard.

Third, you know exactly how many SB you get when you finish the survey.

Before you start taking surveys, you will need to register to take the surveys.  This is to weed out the surveys that are not pertinent to you.  The registration takes maybe 2 minutes and simply acts you a little about your background and your interests.  It's simple and non-intrusive.

Surveys seem to average around 50-75 SB, at least mine do.  Seems like a good trade for your time.

Happy Earning!

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