Saturday, January 7, 2012

SAHM and Swagbucks

Stay at Home Mom for 12 Years. 

Actually, I am still in that limbo state where I am employed (sub teacher) but part-time and I am trying to make a living online.  I stay home most days to work on my blog, Ramblings of a WAHM, and any of my other online adventures online like my Hubpages and this blog.  When my kids get home from school I am there, so I still consider myself a SAHM but almost WAHM.  Let's just say I am a mom of many coats, lol.

While I was a full time SAHM I wished I knew about the opportunities available to me online to bring home some extra cash or even free stuff to help my family out.  Just a year ago or so I decided to start researching online income.  I have been working online for over a year now and I have settled in quite well. I have found some extraordinary sites that offer great opportunity to bring home that extra cash.  And every month I grow more.

I started out this online journey with my main blog, my baby, my hopes and dreams, Ramblings of a WAHM.  This is my hub.  I talk about how to blog for in income, how to blog, social media, SEO and my online income journey there.  I love my blog. It is made of my blood, sweat and tears.

Then I started Hubpages account.  You can find me there as AllieRambles. I write articles there and make some extra cash every month.  The more you put in the more you get.  Honestly, not many people earn a living there but I can say the earning potentials are great. 

And I am also active on Swagbucks This is my fun place.  The place I go to when I don't want to go offline but don't really feel like thinking much.  I earn points there so I can turn them into gift cards or PayPal money.  If you would like to know more just read What is Swagbucks?

It is not a cake walk, by any means.  You still need to earn your living BUT it is all you.  Your earnings are your choice.  How much do you want to make?  Sure you do start out slow.  Two cents in the first month is common.  But keep going, before you know it you've made a sale from something you sell on your blog, earned enough points to get a $10 Amazon Gift Card and your Google Adsense account is growing slowly. 

As you grow so does your income.  It does take some time, a little knowledge and some hard work.  

What are you waiting for?  

Join Hubpages and Swagbucks.  

And come visit me at Ramblings.

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