Saturday, December 17, 2011

SwagBucks Toolbar, Your Door to More Swag

Have you downloaded the Swagbucks Toolbar to your browser yet? 

NO?  You are missing out!  Seriously!

Did you know:
  • For everyday you have it on your browser you get 1 Swagbuck?  Sure that is not much, but its is FREE Swagbucks, right?
  • Every so often The Swagbucks Guy will post codes on the toolbar.
  • You have a direct connection to Swagbucks.
  • Also link directly to Earn, Redeem and SB News.
  • Did I mention there is a Swagbucks search box on the toolbar?  Yet another way to earn.
  • It is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
  • It can be customized for games, sports scores, news, web radio and so much more.
What are you waiting for?  Go put the Swagbucks Toolbar on your browser now.

JOIN SWAGBUCKS to earn free stuff!

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