Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Earn Swagbucks Points Fast with Swagbucks TV

earn swagbucks fast

One thing I have gotten addicted to is watching the Swagbucks videos at Swagbucks TV

At first, I only tuned in to Swagbucks TV to earn Swagbucks fast but as I explored and viewed the more I realized I was enjoying what I watched.

I am in love with the food videos.  Just this morning I learned how to make poached eggs.  I know, many of you already know how to do this, but I didn't.  And the video was only 2 minutes long.

My family are movie goers, at least twice a month.  So another category I like watching is the movie trailers. 

There are many categories.  News, entertainment, food, animals, fashion, health, home and garden and the list goes on.  There are literally 100's of videos to choose from.

And many times special offers will come in your Swagbucks inbox in which you can earn more points by watching a certain video they send to you.

How do you earn points?

After you watch 10 videos you get 3 points.  And there is no limit to how many you can watch.

Those are some easy, fast Swagbucks points!

Join Swagbucks.


  1. Love your site Allie! Thank you for your Swagbucks Tips. I stop buy daily to use the widget also.

  2. Hi, wanted to say thanks for the great tips...and I really hope I don't offend, but there actually is a limit of 150 swagbucks per day on videos (that's 500 individual videos). After that a grey box appears where the meter normally is and says you have reached your max for the day. I didn't know either until recently trying to rack up my swagbucks very quickly. You can continue to watch videos, but you don't earn swagbucks.