Monday, May 7, 2012 Shopping Your Way

Quality at a great price.

I write quite a bit here about quality and trust.  

This is the never ending battle when we shop for our homes. 

We want to be able to buy furnishings for our homes but found that this can cause a deep deficit in our bank accounts.

I have the solution.

Become's motto is "Shopping Your Way".  At Become you aren't stuck just buying whatever is available to later worry about whether or not the table you ordered will be worth the money you just paid.  At Become you get to price compare and get feedback like product reviews, tips and answers to decorating dilemmas we can come across.  You get the freedom to compare and choose from thousands of quality products from reputable shops.

How about a white bedroom vanity for your daughter's room?  White furniture is perfect for a girl of any age and can be a staple furniture as her tastes mature. Her furniture never has to change, even though the color on her walls may.

Do you change your bedspread for the spring or summer feel?  The Madison park bedding purple has the simple flowery touch to match the spring feel outside your bedroom window.  Let the breeze come in.  The softness of the bedspread will lend an elegant feel to your room during the day.  And keep you warm during those cool spring nights.

And, frankly, I thought cherry furniture was beyond my reach.  I was looking in the wrong places.  Become has a round cherry coffee table that would look amazing in front of my mocha colored leather sofa.

 Stop by Become and see what treasures you find for your home.

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